Temple of Ikov/Quick guide (2024)

Temple of Ikov/Quick guide (1)
This quest has an in-depth guide.

It contains a more detailed description of dialogue, cutscenes, and storyline.

This article is about the quest. For the dungeon, see Temple of Ikov (dungeon).

Details[edit | edit source]

Start pointTemple of Ikov/Quick guide (2) Speak to Lucien at the Flying Horse Inn in the north-west corner of East Ardougne. Show on map
Official difficultyIntermediate
Official lengthMedium
DescriptionA mysterious stranger called Lucien asks you to go on a mission deep under the Temple of Ikov in central Kandarin. He wants you to retrieve an artefact known as the Staff of Armadyl. After you retrieve it, the quest doesn't stop there... Are you on the side of good or evil?
  • 42 Thieving (boostable)
  • 40 Ranged (Is not a hard requirement as it can be bypassed - See Below )
  • The ability to defeat a level 84 enemy with Ranged
Items required
  • Any yew, magic, or dark bow (must be able to fire ice arrows, so crossbows won't work!) or darts or throwing knives
  • 20 unnoted limpwurt roots
  • 45 Combat level
  • Weight-reducing clothing, such as the Graceful outfit, for the first part of the quest (The Unsteady Bridge).
  • Boots of lightness to reduce weight, for the first part of the quest (obtainable during the quest with a light source and a knife or slash weapon)
  • 43 Prayer and prayer potions for protection prayers after the first part of the quest.
  • Ranged armour after the first part of the quest.
  • Fast travel to several locations
    • The entrance of the Temple of Ikov (Skills Necklace to the Fishing Guild, Combat Bracelet to the Ranged Guild or Fairy Rings to BLR)
    • Ardougne (Ardougne teleport or Ardougne cloak)
    • Edgeville (Amulet of Glory to Edgeville, Ring of Wealth to Grand Exchange or Fairy Rings to DKR)
Enemies to defeat
  • Fire Warrior of Lesarkus (level 84)
  • Guardian of Armadyl (level 43) - only if siding with Lucien
  • Lucien (level 14) - only if siding with the Guardians of Armadyl
Ironman concerns
  • 20 unnoted items need to be delivered at once.
  • Yew longbows can be obtained as a rare drop from young implings.
    • Darts or throwing knives can be used in place of it with Ice arrows equipped in order to deal damage to Fire Warrior of Lesarkus. Since Ice arrows don't have a level restriction, 40 range is an optional completion requirement.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Starting[edit | edit source]

  • Speak to Lucien in the Flying Horse Inn in the north-west corner of East Ardougne. (Temple of Ikov/Quick guide (8) 11)

The temple[edit | edit source]

Items required for this part: Pendant of lucien (given by Lucien when talking to him), the necessary bow listed above (yew or better), items to obtain a boots of lightness (knife or slash weapon and light source), stamina and energy potions for looting ice arrows, food. Your character must weigh -1kg or less for this part; boots of lightness reduce weight by 4.5kg.

  • Enter the temple directly south of the Ranging Guild by climbing down the ladder.
  • Go west down the stairs, slash the web, and take the boots of lightness (light source and knife or slash weapon required).
  • Go back upstairs, then through the north gate with the Pendant of lucien equipped.
  • Cross the lava bridge wearing the boots of lightness (weight must be -1kg or less or you will not be able to cross and take 20 damage from falling), open the Large door, and take the lever.
  • Cross the lava bridge again and attach the lever to the lever-bracket on the wall a bit west of the ladder you climbed to enter the dungeon.
  • Pull the lever after attaching it. You will receive the prompt: "You hear the clunking of some hidden machinery."
  • Go through the south gate and follow the path.
  • Search chests along the icy path to obtain ice arrows. 16 with Ava's device and 60+ Ranged is enough.
    • Note: It is possible for the arrows to be in the same chest multiple times in a row. It is therefore recommended to search the chest again right after getting an arrow loot.
    • Note: You must search every chest after finding arrows to reset the chests, hopping worlds at 1 chest no longer resets them.

Killing the Fire Warrior[edit | edit source]

Items required for this part: Pendant of lucien, ice arrows, a bow that can fire ice arrows (yew or better), 20 un-noted limpwurt root. Items suggested: food and armour; if necessary, the limpwurt roots can be retrieved from a bank after killing the fire warrior.

  • Go back through the north gate with the Pendant of lucien equipped.
  • Continue straight north to a small room containing a lever.
  • Right-click the lever and search for traps. (Requires 42 Thieving) Then pull the lever.
  • Go west then north through the doors.
  • A Fire Warrior of Lesarkus will spawn in the room upon attempting to enter the second door.
  • Kill him with your ice arrows.
    • Use protect from magic to take no damage.
  • Give Winelda 20 unnoted limpwurt roots all at once.
  • Optional: follow the path to its end and take the shiny key to access this dungeon from McGrubor's Wood.
  • Push the wall to the north leading to a room full of Guardians of Armadyl.
  • Pick the good or evil path.

Good path[edit | edit source]

  • Remove your Pendant of lucien and talk to a Guardian of Armadyl. (Temple of Ikov/Quick guide (9) 1131)
  • Enter the building west of the Grand Exchange wearing your Armadyl pendant and kill Lucien (level 14).

Congratulations, quest complete!

Evil path[edit | edit source]

  • Take the Staff of Armadyl from the table, you may have to kill a level 43 Guardian of Armadyl.
    • The guardian can be easily safespotted behind a chair.
    • Make sure to take the staff.
  • Enter the building west of the Grand Exchange and give Lucien the Staff of Armadyl.
  • Congratulations, quest complete!

Rewards[edit | edit source]

  • 1 Quest point
  • 10,500 Ranged experience
  • 8,000 Fletching experience
  • Armadyl pendant (if you sided with Lucien, you must kill Guardians of Armadyl to obtain it)
  • Pendant of Lucien, which grants access to a door in the Temple of Ikov
  • Optional; Boots of lightness
  • Optional; Shiny key, for a shortcut between the Temple of Ikov and McGrubor's Wood
  • Completing this quest awards the player with 5 kudos which can be claimed by talking to Historian Minas in the Varrock Museum

Required for completing[edit | edit source]

  • Desert Treasure I
  • Defender of Varrock


Temple of Ikov

  • Lucien
  • Winelda
  • Fire Warrior of Lesarkus
  • Guardian of Armadyl
  • Ice spider
  • Pendant of lucien
  • Boots of lightness
  • Lever
  • Ice arrows
  • Armadyl pendant
  • Staff of armadyl
  • Shiny key
  • Temple of Ikov (dungeon)
  • Chain of Command

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Temple of Ikov/Quick guide (2024)


Can you do Temple of Ikov without a yew bow? ›

Items needed: Ice arrows and a yew bow or better to wield them or darts or throwing knives with at least one ice arrow equipped, the Pendant of Lucien and 20 unnoted Limpwurt roots. Items recommended: Ranged armour and Protect from Magic.

Who to side with Temple of Ikov in OSRs? ›

Side with the guardians (the good side)

The Staff of armadyl lying on a table. Armadyl pendant once you agree to help them. This will prove that Lucien is no longer your friend and will allow you to kill him.

How to do Temple of Ikov? ›

The Temple of Ikov is a dungeon in Hemenster. Players do not need to have started the Temple of Ikov quest to enter it, but do need the Pendant of Lucien to get access to the second part of the dungeon. It is located north of East Ardougne, just south of the Ranging Guild. The closest Fairy ring location is BLR.

What is the reward of the Temple of Ikov? ›

Reward: 10.5K Ranged XP, 8K Fletching XP, Boots of lightness, the ability to train in the Temple of Ikov, Varrock Museum kudos update, the ability to buy an armadyl gravestone, and 2 free keys for Treasure Hunter.

Do you need boots of lightness for Temple of Ikov? ›

The boots can be taken regardless of your Temple of Ikov progress; you do not need to start the quest to obtain the boots of lightness. The respawn time for the boots is approximately 52 seconds. Players can hop between worlds to quickly obtain multiple pairs.

Is Lucien good or bad in OSRs? ›

Type of Villain

Lucien was a member of the fictional race called the Mahjarrat from the MMORPG Runescape and was amongst the most powerful of his kin. He is the main antagonist of the Mahjarrat quest series.

What is the amulet in the Temple of Ikov? ›

The Pendant of Lucien is a piece of jewellery used to complete the Temple of Ikov quest, and the only amulet slot piece of equipment which appears to be black when worn, instead of gold or white. It is obtained from Lucien at the start of the quest.

What is the difference between the pendant of Lucien and the Armadyl pendant? ›

The Armadyl pendant shares its design with the pendant of lucien and the unobtainable Lathas' amulet, the only difference being the colour of the inner gem. The pendant of lucien's gem is green for males, whereas the Armadyl pendant's gem is silver on males. Both pendants have an identical red gem for females.

How to get yew longbow ironman? ›

Ironman Additional Information

An Ironman account can easily obtain a yew longbow from catching and opening young implings. This is recommended for those ironmen that do not have the levels required to create a yew bow.

How to get Staff of Armadyl? ›

The Staff of Armadyl is a quest item in the Temple of Ikov quest. If allied with Lucien, the staff of Armadyl is stolen from a table within the Temple of Ikov dungeon after killing a Guardian of Armadyl and brought to Lucien to complete the quest.

How to get yew shortbow osrs? ›

A yew shortbow is a two-handed ranged weapon stronger than the maple shortbow but weaker than the magic shortbow. It can be made with a Fletching level of 65 by using a yew shortbow (u) on some bow string, granting 67.5 experience when made, or 135 total experience when making one from scratch.

How to get more ice arrows in OSRs? ›

Ice arrows are collected and used in the quest Temple of Ikov. They have the same Ranged Strength as steel arrows. They are found randomly in chests in the ice area of the temple, and they are needed to defeat the Fire Warrior of Lesarkus.

Where can I get the pendant of Lucien? ›

The pendant of lucien is a quest item in the Temple of Ikov quest. Lucien gives the player the pendant immediately after starting the quest.

What is a thingummywut osrs? ›

The Thingummywut is an enormous monster which first appeared in the quest Love Story. Long before that, however, it was a running joke revolving around an apparently insane wizard working in the Wizards' Tower, Traiborn.

Are yew trees free to play Osrs? ›

Yew logs are the most valuable free to play logs. The best places for non-members to chop yew trees are Edgeville near the dungeon entrance, and east of the Grand Exchange.

Where can I get a yew bow in OSRs? ›

Players can make a yew longbow through the Fletching skill at level 70. First, a player must cut a yew longbow (u) from yew logs, giving 75 Fletching experience. The unstrung bow is then strung with a bow string, for an additional 75 experience for a total of 150 experience a log.

What do you need for a Webweaver bow? ›

The webweaver bow is an upgraded variant of Craw's bow, requiring level 70 in Ranged to wield. It is created by combining Craw's bow with the Fangs of Venenatis. This process requires level 85 Fletching.

How do you make a yew shieldbow? ›

Players can make a yew shieldbow through the Fletching skill at level 70. First, a player must cut an unstrung yew shieldbow from yew logs, earning 75 Fletching experience. The unstrung bow is then strung with a bowstring, for an additional 75 experience.


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