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  • One of the miners (who's shown being exposed to Zero's true form and driven mad) is a Lurian, as is a member of Nova Squadron.
  • Holo-Janeway's description of the Federation includes faces of the four founding member races (human, Andorian, Tellarite, Vulcan) as well as their respective symbols under the UFP logo.
  • Janeway's lecture on the basics of the Federation includes a number of familiar starships: there are four variations on the Enterprise (the NX-01, the TOS-era 1701, the 1701-A, and the 1701-C), the U.S.S. Defiant, the U.S.S. Voyager, a Crossfield-class starship (like Discovery, though not explicitly labeled), and two shuttlecraft (a Class-F from TOS, and the Type-6 and 7 from TNG).
  • Tars Lamora bears more than a little similarity to the dilithium mines on the penal asteroid of Rura Penthe, only more technologically sophisticated and visually impressive.
  • The vehicle replicator makes a point of announcing the fabrication of a blast shield. Becket Mariner improvised a song about that piece of shuttlecraft equipment on Lower Decks.
  • The Protostar lands identically to Voyager.
  • The Runaway looks like an upgraded version of the Argo buggy from Nemesis.
  • The uncharted planet is in the "Hirogen system", though there's no sentient life present aside from the murderous biome, with no sign of the eponymous hunters.
  • The half-finished shuttle Gwyn uses to try to escape in episode three is used in by her and Murf to escape the trapped Protostar in episode 4.
  • Dal finds gagh (or, more likely, racht) on the Klingon starship.
  • Dal is seen playing the Ktarian holographic game from the TNG episode, er, "The Game". Whether this version is also addictive and mind-controlling has yet to be revealed.
  • The holo-programs that Janeway demonstrates include Ceti Alpha V and a Jane Eyre novel of the sort that the real Janeway partook in.
  • The Kobayashi Maru is taken from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, down to Klingons as the aggressors, though it uses the TNG-era Klingons and Enterprise-D.
  • The simulation uses holograms of Uhura, Spock, Scotty, Beverly Crusher, and Odo, complete with archival audio clips of these characters (except Crusher, who gets new lines courtesy of Gates McFadden).
  • Dal’s climactic strategy involves blaring rock music, similar to the climax of Star Trek Beyond.
  • Dal mentions the Phage when he's taking apart Nandi's ruse, the sickness the Vidiians were afflicted with in Star Trek: Voyager.
  • He finds a horga'hn, or Risan advertisem*nt of sexual availability, on Nandi's ship.
  • The mid-season finale features yet another callback to Voyager: Admiral Janeway, the actual one, is tracking the Protostar from aboard the NCC-80816, USS Dauntless. The original Dauntless, NX-01A, was a trap created by a vengeful Delta Quadrant alien in "Hope and Fear," featuring a "Quantum Slipstream Drive" which allowed Voyager to shave several years off its journey. The NCC-80816 has a largely identical design to the NX-01A and, per an interviewStar Trek: Prodigy - TV Tropes (1) with Word of God, carries a version of the slipstream drive.
  • Both versions of Janeway featured in the show and their respected drink of preference. Holo-Janeway, who is based off of the Voyager-era Janeway, drinks coffee (which was the real Janeway's drink of choice). Vice Admiral Janeway starts drinking tea under her doctor's orders (which calls back to Voyager's series finale "Endgame", where Admiral Janeway tells Captain Janeway she now drinks tea after being offered a cup of coffee).
  • The Voyager-A features Cetacean Ops, as previously seen on Star Trek: Lower Decks (itself based off a background detail from TNG), though in this case it's occupied by a humpback whale named Gillian. Another important scene also references Star Trek IV by mentioning that certain frequencies sound different underwater.
  • One of Nova Squadron's maneuvers is named after Starfleet Academy groundskeeper Boothby
  • Beverly Crusher makes an appearance, and awkwardly explains to Janeway that she and Picard have broken up
  • The Doctor describes the Protostar crew as the most dysfunctional he's seen since the crew of the Cerritos
  • Wesley Crusher's discussion of timelines mentions the mirror universe and the “Narada incursion”
  • His mantra of “Space. Time. Thought.” echoes a statement made all the way back in season one of TNG
  • To protect them from the Loom, Wesley sends himself and the crew into a “Supervisor training facility” which is actually a replica of Gary Seven’s office from “Assignment: Earth”, complete with Beta 5 Computer.
  • He even gets to meet his his baby brother, whose existence was already revealed on Star Trek: Picard
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