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  • Find out more about McKool Smith including an overview, stats, history and other Law competitors.

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  • A POWERHOUSE LITIGATION FIRM. McKool Smith is one of the nation's preeminent litigation and trial firms. Clients call us when they can't afford to lose.

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3. Job Rankings by IP Specialty - Vault

4. New York - McKool Smith

  • McKool Smith's vibrant New York City practice represents some of the world's most recognizable companies and entrepreneurs—from Fortune 500 leaders to startups ...

  • ‹ Å

5. Intellectual Property, USA - Nationwide, USA

  • McKool Smith is an excellent patent litigation group recommended for complex and high-stakes cases in the life sciences and hi-tech sectors, and especially ...

  • Discover which lawyers and law firms are ranked top for Intellectual Property in USA - Nationwide. Find out more in the Chambers and Partners USA guide.

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  • The guide to the leading law firms in America – for students and lateralling lawyers.

7. Pitch Session Network | Minority Corporate Counsel Association

  • Pitch Session Network provides a platform for diverse law firm attorneys to make meaningful connections with in-house counsel interested in legal services.

8. McKool Smith Law Firm Profile |

  • Experience the Thrill of Legal Excellence at McKool Smith McKool Smith ... Legal Jobs Board for Attorneys, Law Students & Legal ...

  • Review the law firm profile of McKool Smith. Read about the salary & benefits, practice areas, summer associate program and hiring criteria of McKool Smith. Find jobs and write a review for McKool Smith.

9. McKool Smith - Firm Profile - Benchmark Litigation

  • Commercial litigation: McKool Smith specializes in complex commercial litigation. ... The firm's attorneys also routinely appear in leading arbitral forums (e.g., ...

  • Benchmark Litigation is the definitive guide to litigation firms and attorneys in the United States and Canada.

10. Vault 100 Rankings: The Most Prestigious Law Firms In America ...

  • 21 jul 2021 · Was Cravath able to keep its cachet as the most prestigious Biglaw firm in the country in the latest Vault rankings? Of course it was. Here's ...

  • Money continues to matter most for Biglaw associates.

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